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Full Version: Anti-sieze lubricant application
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I found an easy way to apply anti-sieze to the generator exhaust. I located a paint brush with about a 10" handle and the brush head at an angle of 35 degrees. Bolted it to a 1" square aluminum about 5' long, and it was very easy to apply the lubricant all around the exhaust pipe.
]Along this thread, I was checking the generator and preparing to re-coat the pipe during winter storage checks and found the turbo crossover hose looked odd.  Further checking revealed the interior full of oil which means the compressor seal has failed.  When this happens you will likely see smoke from the exhaust in the sunlight.  If you do, Look at the exterior of the crossover hose and if it is oily looking or soft to the touch, there's a good chance your seal is leaking.  I've attached pictures.  The affected hose is larger than a new one already installed and the other picture shows a puddle of oil resting in the bottom of the hose.

While i had the generator out of the coach, I decided to change the governing system to isochronous rather than droop.  No real reason except something wanted rather than needed.  It's become a pretty involved project.  I'll share pictures later.