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Full Version: Air leak in water bay
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My passenger side compressor required a shut down today and in search of an air leak, I located a strong hissing in the blumbing bay.  When I turned compressor on and off again, it took 27 seconds for hissing to stop.  Did a soap test and nothing noted on what I could see to get at.  What is behind or near there that I might be able to access to chase this one down or what might I be up against, figuratively or literally?
Thanks much!
the air leaks i have seen the most in the plumbing bays are those solenoid valves that are for the main sewer dump and curb side dump. follow the airlines from the dump valves and you will see a black manifold. the internals of those valves are a rubber casing on a steel cylinder that slides back and forth and it ruptures. i have replaced several of mine.

usually it is leaking out of one of the regulator ports on the manifold.

i would check there first.

my two cents worth

I found a leak on the back of the air gauge in that bay.
(07-23-2018, 07:07 PM)bikestuff Wrote: [ -> ]I found a leak on the back of the air gauge in that bay.

Bill, do you mean the plumbing bay or curb side.  I've seen the gauge curb side, sprayed soap, but didn't detect any leak there at least.
Tom or Bill, is checking the diaphragms  pretty straight up?
Thanks guys!
on those electric air solenoid valves if they are leaking, they need rebuilt or replaced.

there is a post on the forum about it.