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Full Version: Dishwasher Replacement
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Like many others, apparently, my Fisher & Paykel drawer washer in #579 is inop.    And reportedly unrepairable.    I'd really like a working dishwasher, and F&P still makes one this size - a little pricey.    Has anyone tried the Vesta dishwasher?    It appears to be very close to the same size and about half the cost.

What is your dish drawer doing? Mine was really acting up and I replaced with new one that immediately did the same thing.

Turned out it was carbon grit in the water line.

(09-16-2018, 09:41 AM)bikestuff Wrote: [ -> ]What is your dish drawer doing?  Mine was really acting up and I replaced with new one that immediately did the same thing.

Turned out it was carbon grit in the water line.


Hi Bill,
It clicks and beeps and gives an error code, which I understand indicates a defective control board that's no longer available.    It's been a really long time; I don't believe Chester used it at all while he owned it.

Nonetheless, maybe I should pull it out and check the water line.   I did replace the shut-off valve at the manifold, since that was limed up.

I don’t remember the error code but think it might have been e1 or f1.
On my coach the filter output got sent to the DW instead of the filter water spigot. Solved it by straightening out the plumbing and making sure the water line is clear.

The new unit was virtually identical in measurements and functions as old one.
We have just purchased Newell #566, a 2000 45’8” — and the former owner is doing some additional work on it for us.....the Fisher Paykel dishwasher is not working, despite his VERY capable work on it.  So, we would like to replace it, but are not sure just what model we should be looking at.  It is in a drawer which has the same material on the outside as the rest of the that glued on, or does the dishwasher literally fit inside an entire drawer?  And does anyone know if it’s an “integral” unit or not?  Any and all advice or recommendations appreciated.  We have called Newell, but so far, have waited 2 weeks for a call back — will try again, but thought you might have the answer.  Thank you!
I really don’t know more than you do but can take an educated guess...

Normal refrigerators and other built in appliances are made either with a specific finish (white, black, stainless) are are designed to have a front affixed to them to give them the built in look.   I am 90% positive this is what is going on in your coach.

The new FP dishwasher that I bought was of the stainless steel variety but fit exactly into the old hole.  In other words even though it was a newer model, it was still a single unit and its width + height were the same.   

Please verify, but what I think you need is This.  FP calls the built-in variety “integrated”.

I'm sorry I didn't file a report a year ago when my dishwasher problem was solved.   After a few false starts, I called the FP tech support number from the their website (believe it was 1 (888) 936-7872.)    Left a message and got a return call from New Zealand HQ.   Very nice lady listened to my symptoms and error code report, recommended a replacement rotor P/N 524185P.   She also gave me the name and phone number of the Phoenix parts distributor, who had it in stock for about $100.    Easy installation, and now it works!    Not to imply that this was the same problem the Camerons have, but talking directly to the company could be helpful.    Good luck!
Pam, if you have waited 2 weeks for a call back from Newell, you need to try them again. The service department works a 4 day week, which is very busy, if your call is not returned in a day or two try again. Especially, try again if if spans one week to the next. Great people just busy. Who did you talk with?