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Full Version: Aqua Hot Problem
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Advice please! Coach #439 1997 Newell
Electric aqua hot works fine but diesel side will not start. When switch is turned on the light comes on for a few seconds and then goes off. Could this just be a blown fuse?

The simple answer is no it is not just a blown fuse.

Please provide some background info. When was it last serviced? How often has the boiler been run? When was it run last? Did it run properly the last time it ran?

Usually when a boiler won't start the first step is to complete a annual service.
Look in Documentation under Heating Systems for the Aquahot service manual that rheaven posted in 2013.

Servicing your burner cures a lot of ills, especially if the diesel function has been off for a long period of time.

All the best.
Is your fuel tank over 1/4 ?
Were you able to fix your AquaHot issue?[attachment=6050]
Were you able to fix your AquaHot issue?

Not yet, I went to the Newell Rally in Kerrville a couple of weeks ago and Newell had some techs there. Tracy told me it was either the controller or motor but was a little unclear how to determine which one. He said Newell had a device that they used that could determine which one is bad, but that doesn't help me much cause I'm not able to take it to the factory at this time. I will have to find someone here local in Ft. Worth to help or try and figure it out myself when I get time.
Grego, I'd call Rudy, he's down in Baytown but is often in Nacogdoches. Maybe yall can meet up somewhere. And no offense to the factory but I'd put Rudy on a much higher pedestal than the factory.
Don't overlook the simple things when troubleshooting!

If you want to get this fixed, please call me. I have a plan to share that will get us together and sort the situation out.

Rudy 7 one 3 8 one 8 3234
I love this forum !!! Don't mention something unless you really want to fix it !
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