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Full Version: Rudy is the man.....with a hammer
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i took the newell to wickenburg yesterday for the local fine arts center to use as a office for the annual circus they are putting on.  

my daughter works there and will be staying in it over the weekend.  

it got down to 28 degrees last nite.  

she calls this morning and says the heater in the front area is blowing cold air but all the others (on other thermostats) are blowing warm air.  

so i call our aquahot master rudy.   he the fan running....answer yes.   

it is about 25 miles to where the newell is.  rudy says to take a hammer and whack the check valve above the front pump in the aquahot bay.  

i took a hammer, a relay and off i went

got there.....felt the hose above the front pump and it was not warm.  whacked the check valve with a hammer a few times and water flowing now. are the man.....thank you

Hammer mechanic to the rescue. Glad it worked.
This was very timely! I used the HAMMER method to bang on the regulators on my coach and Voila! They came to life. Now I can FEEL the antifreeze flowing through the lines.