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Full Version: Kitchen Toe Kick Fan
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Does anyone know how the kitchen toe kick heat exchanger fan is controlled?  Mine is running all the time and the only way to shut it off is to pull the 12vdc wire off the small black cubed relay at the Aqua Hot.  I believe that relay is for the living room.  The Living room T-stat has no effect on the toe kick fan.

Steve Denton
Are the fans blowing hot/warm air or cold?
In the living room on ours there is a small switch just behind the passenger chair. It has another switch with it that controls the light (sconce?) above it. This is a ‘Hi/Lo’ switch for the heater fans but I always leave mine in low. You might also check that you don’t have the thermostat set to ‘Fan’ as I believe it would run all the time. Of course, since all Newells are different YMMV... My fans seem to run a lot also but I just ignore them and they eventually go off.
The zone pumps will run when I connect the relay and given the Aqua Hot is up to temp it will blow hot air. The HI-LO switch behind the passenger cockpit seat is in the center position and the LR T-sat is set to the coldest setting. Seems like the Toe Kick Heater is commanded on for some reason. Both the black 30 amp relays appear to have been swapped for trouble shooting.....which is starting to make some sense as I just replace the LR blower fan (under the couch). If they where swapped in the condition the fan motor was in, most likely the contact is welded closed. Will check it with a meter tomorrow.
on my 02 the toe kick fan that is right by the entrance door under the kitchen cabinets is part of the heat circuit that also has the one under the table under the passenger side picture window and the heaters at the drivers and passenger seat ankles. they all come on together. the hi low on the window box controls the fan speed of the motor in the plenum box in the bay below it.

Finally got some quality time to check the the Black cubed relays....both are good.  So digging into the system I have the discontinued 431EX-12 model.  According to the serial number of the unit these small relays are not supposed the be on my unit.  They showed up on units some 400 serial numbers later.  Does anyone have a wiring diagram of their unit depicting these relays?

Steve Denton
I'll run some voltage tests today with different Tstats and fans and let you know what I see. You are welcome to come over any time and look, check, tinker since our coaches aren't too far apart in serial numbers.
(01-24-2019, 06:54 AM)Richard Wrote: [ -> ]I'll run some voltage tests today with different Tstats and fans and let you know what I see. You are welcome to come over any time and look, check, tinker since our coaches aren't too far apart in serial numbers.

Thanks Richard....I appreciate the help and offer.  I did make contact with Rudy just haven't connected with him as of yet to find out what  those black cube relays control and if it was a AH modification done in the field since my serial number AH unit is not supposed to have them.

I am thinking the original T-Stat behind the passenger seat has been abandoned as the wires do not match the wires on the AH T-Stat terminal block and has no effect at the AH.  The Hi Lo switch does work on the heat exchanger fan under the curb side couch, but no effect on the toe kick fan which runs continuously. 

Out of curiosity, does your AH have those relays?

Thanks Steve
I do have two relays just like in your picture. I am curious as to what they do also. I got caught up in another project today, and did not fiddle with the AH.

Here is what I do know. I have four thermostats for heat. One at the passenger seat, one in the half bath, one in the bedroom, and one in the bath. The one at the passenger seat turns on the fans under the couch and kitchen toe kick. The one in the half bath powers a fan in the half bath. The one in the bedroom, a fan in a kick plate in the bedroom. And naturally, the one in the bath powers a fan in the bath.

Here is where it gets a little murky for me. There are four thermostats, four fans, and three pumps. I will suss out which pump runs off which tstats tomorrow.

I will also get some voltage readings on the cubes in different states of Tstat activation.

My sofa fan and my kitchen toe kick fan activate and deactivate together.
The sofa fan & kitchen fan should come on together, but the hi/lo switch only effects the sofa fan. The kitchen fan has only one speed.
It's been a couple years so bear with my hazy memory. I think those 2 black relays have something to do with either the 220v heating element which is unique to Newells. Maybe something to do with the inside switch to change from air conditioner to the 220v heating element? Rudy can correct my memory.
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