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Full Version: Generator Blower Motor Mount
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Happy Super Bowl Sunday Everyone!!

The following will be a story of a idea I got today because y Packers are losers and team two the KC Chiefs came up short... read on about my idea if you have nothing else to do... I’ll include pictures to make this more interesting...

Today I took a break from “everything” to make an attempt at cleaning up my shop and putting tools back in their proper place. 

I’ve got the generator blower unit out of my rig and it’s sitting right in the middle of one of my shop’s bays. So ever time I walked around it... it was on my mind. 

Last year when I first saw the generator blower system it just struck me as an odd design. Once I saw it running I knew something just wasn’t right. The belt was flopping everywhere and the motor was bouncing up and down like it was on a small trampoline... The vibration ran throughout the coach and of course there was the sound.... I’m not telling many of you anything new. 

I’ve alread got the direct drive unit and will soon be ready to start the install but today, designing a better mouse trap was on my mind. 

When I stepped back to take a look it was clear to me things were not aligned properly. I marked up the picture to illustrate my point. The HEAVY motor was not supported evenly and this caused it to lean. When I took a closer look at how the motor belt tension was accomplished I knew this setup would never be optimal. 

So today I decided to modify the way the motor mounts to the fan. 

In my next segment I’ll post some pictures of the motor and its mount.

I’m not an engineer 
I’m not a designer 
I’m not a fabricator 
I’m not a welder
I’m just a dude that likes to work on things and try new stuff

So my idea is to add a mounting attach/support bolt and to move the right adjusting bolt forward.

This is where I stopped tonight. 

Tomorrow I’ll drill out the new mount and powder coat the bracket. I’ve got a few other ideas for the adjusting bolts but we’ll see how those develop. 

More tomorrow, good night.

Well... I obviously need more experience posting pictures in the proper order but I think you’ll get the idea.
I think you are just doing this for grins, since you have a direct drive assembly to mount.

I went down a similar path, although not nearly as industrious. What I discovered was that the blower housing acts as a huge sound resonator. Even though the new bracket stopped the belt noise, the low frequency vibration of the motor, and also of the bearings still rumbled through the coach. The point is not been there done that, the point is that while you working on this, find some way of isolating the motor mount vibration wise from the blower housing. I really do think this a big reason the direct drive is so much quieter, that the motor is hung from the center mounts, and the center mounts have a rubber isolator between them and the blower housing.

BTW, I am really glad you are here. These guys have been busting my chops about my welding for years. I am happy to have the company.
You are correct sir!!! 

Yep, I’m hoping I can come up with something that helps others. We’ll see what happens. Working on it now. I’ll post more pics soon.
My Foretravel has a direct drive fan and even despite being only a 10KW generator it is still quieter and has less vibration than the belt drive that were in both of my Newells. And one less thing to keep adjusted.
Have fun with your project.

Almost ready for paint.
Production interrupted by work related activities...
please pick us up at the bali airport about 9pm tonite.


tom and darlene

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