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Full Version: part replacement information
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I would like information to help me find a replacement rear bumper for my 1986 Newell.
Mine got bent and no one seems to want to try to straighten it.

I wonder if anyone can help me with this


Donnell Cameron
1986 Keele Coach
If it were me, I’d find a local metal worker to tweak it back into shape. Probably not all will be willing to work on it; but that’s fine, just keep looking till you find someone who will.
Our '87 bumper was bent when we got it. Removed it. Used a jack-all and 2x6 wood blocks to get the crease out, then put it back on. You need to look real close to see it was damaged. Was an easy bend. Any metal shop with a press should be able to straighten it. Good luck, Mark
thanks Mark,  mine has a pretty bad crease in it, see attached photo,  Ive got a message in to Newell, so far no reply.
I think if no luck getting replacement, Ill try your method.

thanks all for the encouragement
Out there in Kalifornia, there are tons of custom car builders. Surely they have access to technology for fixing the old bumpers and rechroming them.
I used this company on a complicated and damaged  classic Ford truck bumper with fantastic results. If you are in the LA area perhaps they can help you too,

D and R Chrome
3380 Randolph Street
Huntington Park , Ca  90255
323 584-6978
Check out.