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Full Version: heater in air compressor compartment
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I am missing any heater in the air compressor compartment. I had been traveling and stayed for a bit in single digit weather in the south Reno area. I found that the air compressor will not work or it gets enough moisture that it will freeze and not operate. I see a air dryer relay and relay like I would find on a 60-70 GM/Ford for a starter relay with loose wires and holes where something was mounted. 

I was able to place a very small space heater in the compartment and it all worked normal for the rest of my stay, I would like to get it working correctly. 

I can send pictures Monday if it helps.
[attachment=6614][attachment=6615]pictures of my air compressor compartment. What is missing ?

Can I get a heater like I find above my aqua hot, except that one runs on 110v.
Our "classic" coach came with King pic a watt heaters which are still available on Amazon . They are 120 volt , with heater element taps . You have a choice to make it a  250, 500, 750, 1000, 1200, or 1500 watt heater at 120 volts at time of installation . Very quiet. We have replaced most of our over the years. Our use remote wall thermostats, but I suppose your application could use a thermostat on the enclosure. The part numbers I have provided are for white, but almond is also available.

If you call king, they are very helpful
Phone: 206.762.0400

King PAW 1215      120 volt heater interior  and grill
King TKIT-1BW         120 volt 1 pole thermostat to install in surface enclosure
King PAWS-W          Surface enclosure
Guy, thanks for the link. I'm reviewing the King unit and find the fan to operate at 75 CFM. This is an enclosed box forward of the drivers front wheel, with about 5-6 CF. Since I've never taken a picture of this compartment in another Newell so I'm not sure what is suppose to go there.

I think a 75 w light bulb may be enough (except that's 110v) to avoid freezing temperature. I didn't want to get to extreme or too little, and I have a 12v relay next to where something was.
The incandescent light bulb is a great idea. I spent 40 years in the electrical business and never thought of it.
$1.75 fix!
Several companies still produce 100 watt 12 volt bulbs.
Try Satco S5013 100 watt Medium base 12 volt. Amazon does not carry them, but does.
If your relay can handle 10 amps at 12 volts , all is well.
Dave I am not familiar with that setup. I do wonder however what that big relay is for, or was for. I would want to know what activated it, and what it activated before I hijacked it for a heater. Perhaps I misunderstood your intent.
Richard, I'm confused also what the relay is for. I can't tell what activates it. The incandescent is just a thought, I'm not sure it would take the vibration sitting in a bulb socket.

What did Newell install in the air compressor box for creating or maintaining a reasonable temperature ? What does everybody else have ?
I have not seen any heater in the compressor bay of any of the Newells that I know of.
I am not aware of Newell adding any type of heat to the compressor bay on any coach I have seen either.
I am thinking of putting in something, smaller than what is in the water bays if we spend another winter in cold weather. Our little compressor has trouble after 15 F.
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