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i have my coach tarped for the winter..besides the  exhausts on the roof is there another one for the furnace ? I  might want to spend a night in it during cold weather just want to make sure its safe  as long as the roof exhausts is free and clear ?
Couple questions first:
What year coach and what coach #?
Do you have Aquahot heater?
If so does your Aquahot exhaust go through the roof with the generator exhaust? On some they had 2 separate exhausts on the roof, others had 1 combined exhaust IIRC.
If you have propane heaters the exhaust is probably on the side of your coach.
"No 2 Newells are alike" as some gurus like to say.
I believe Truman's coach is #395, a 1995.
Even if you determine the exhaust are all outside your tarp, please don’t consider it without a carbon monoxide detector a few inches from your nose ?
I have two exhausts mid coach drivers side roof
what im asking is does the aqahot/furnace run through them of has its own exhaust somewhere else ?
1995 #395
The aquahot exhausts through the roof.
The generator also exhausts through the roof.