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Full Version: Treager Pellet Grill Install
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We have been on several short trips getting to know our coach and working out the bugs.  One of the things we tried was the electric grill on several meals.  At home, we have gotten spoiled with the Treager pellet grill and its smoke flavor.  That got me to wife usually says "what now":-)  So I removed the TV and electric grill and associated slide hardware.  Re-purposed the grill slide-out hardware to work with the Treager and mounted it to the same bay's floor.  Adapted the Treager to the old electric grill slide-out which took several trips to Ace, Lowe's and HD to round up the hardware to make things work out.
Brilliant idea! I love the traeger... have one everyplace but the coach! I thought I would
Use the evo grill a lot but it’s a pain to clean, so now carry a Green mountain grill in my bay... it folded up smaller than the traeger so tried it. Works great!
Great creativity!
Thanks "afrench" & Richard.
Update on the Treager Grill;
We just got back from a two week trip and a short three day trip.  We used the Treager every day and sometimes twice a day.  We did not have any real problems with the smoke getting in the coach as the awning forced the wind to move parallel with the coach either to the front or rear of the coach.  I was expecting a burnt like smell in the compartment or the coach...there where none.  A home run hit with us and our guests that we visited!

Steve & Doris