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Full Version: running the dryer while driving
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Has anyone tried running the dryer while driving ?

My main concern is the venting. Is the vented area on the last 6-8' of the drivers side coach in a pressure or vacuum zone ? In other words, will the dryer vent or retain the heat ?
Put a streamer on the vent exit and run it for a minute going down the road. You should be able to see the streamer in your mirror.
We have run the drier while driving without problems. However, if we forget to close the vent while driving with out running the drier we have seen some lint that seems to be back-flushed into the drier drum.
Richard, I like the streamer idea. I will try over the next 7 days and report my findings.
OK. My report is the following.

I place 2" wide x 12-15" long wide strips of toilet paper (5ea) on duct tape on the inside of my open vent for the dryer. They seamed to go straight back and whip in the wind to disintegration.

Conclusion; I think I'll be OK