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Full Version: aquahot results
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we have never stayed where it was cold and run the aquahot for extended periods of time for heating.  

we are in cove fort, utah serving as missionaries for our church until october of this year.  if any of you travel on I-15 in southern utah, stop by and see us.  the fort is about a mile off of the freeway and sees 80,000 visitors each year.  

we have had the coach here for a week now.  several nites it has been in the 25 degree range.  we kept the aquahot on electric and the aquahot temp would get down into the 190 degree range, but still keep the coach warm and toasty.  when we get up, the temp is over 200 and soon around 220's.  no problem taking showers without putting it into diesel mode.  

very happy on how well it is working.  more snow coming this week and mid 20's temps.  

i did a full aquahot service before we left arizona, but not sure i will need to use it much in diesel mode other than to fire it up once a month or so.  

thanks for all the advice from rudy.  

Good to hear from you guys and glad the coach is performing well. I am looking to replace both the AH electric elements so we don’t have to burn diesel all the time. I’m also going to fix the fans so they don’t make so much noise - not sure if I need to replace the fans or just put something under the units so they don’t rattle...
Adrian, Be sure to check all the components before the power gets to the elements, especially the high limit thermostat. The elements are very robust and rarely fail. All the best in getting the 240/120 vac part of the heater working again.
the fans are just computer style fans. i replace most of mine. they are really quiet. just hear air moving.

The big electric element on our Aquahot is one of the best features of the Newell if you are a cold-weather camper. Avoiding having to burn diesel in many campgrounds is a huge win -- as long as they aren't metering your electricity!
the place we are staying is flat rate for the site. so no metering.

It finally cooled off enough here in MD to be able to turn OFF the A/Cs and turn on the electric hot water. The unit seems to run fine and gets the water hot after a while; the unit eventually turns off and the little read breaker trips; Rudy said it was the high limit thermostat ELE-WHL-402 $438! Wow... is there any alternative to this?
The other possibility to Adrain's situation is a failed closed control thermostat that allows the coolnt to over heat each time the high limit thermostat is reset. Control thermostat much less expensive.

But one must measure the coolant temp when the burner is operating to see if it gets above 200 degrees with out the control thermostat cycling it off off. The control thermostat normally cycles off at about 175 but the hot surfaces can warm the coolant above that.