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Full Version: Braking issue?
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I am currently at Walmart in Amarillo Texas. Just today noticed a pulsing in the braking at a slow speed around 30 mph when coming off the highway. My brakes have always been in great shape and work ok at high speeds. The only different thing done in the last couple days is I spray lubed the what I believe are the control arm bushings because they were squeaking. One other thing to add is i have always had a hammer like sound come from the right front wheel area. This has been checked out extensively by 3 different places over the years even removing the shock and taking it for a ride, still same noise. I now wonder if by lubing the bushing if perhaps that could have somehow quickened the control arm bushing problem if in-fact there may be a problem there. Just guessing at this point. I don't remember anyone looking at the control arm bushings but they may have. The noise is a concerning noise but seeing as no one has been able to find the problem I figure I wouldn't worry about it. So There is my challenge for our trip back to New England. Tomorrow we will be stopping in Miami Ok for the pm so could have Newell look at it Monday.
Brad, I have the same sound coming from the right front, and like you, no one can find the cause. It's not always there, but I would say about 75% of the time it is.
Watching a video on youtube now that shows changing suspension bushings. What a job. Not sure Newell does this. The more I think about it the more I think all my suspension bushings probably need replacing. I also noticed today some clunking when turning into get fuel and backing up. This is a new noise.
Wondering if any Newell classic owners have had suspension bushings replaced. I count 8 per axle. Ouch!
Hi Brad,

I replace all of the bushing on 89 or 96 and don't remember which one. I got the bushing from, I think from the axle company Ridewell and hadĀ a machine shop press the old out and new in. If i remember it wasn't to bad of a job. Newell first told me it couldn't be done but it worked out much better than buying everything new.
Thanks Ron. Do you remember what the bushings cost?
Surprised Newell said it couldn't be done as didn't they put them in?
I am hoping Newell can do it, I M on my way there now and will be chatting with them tomorrow am. Called them last pm and was told I would get a call back shortly from a person on call as they have always been. Never got a call back.
Hey Brad.

Newell wanted to order the whole part with the bushings already installed. At the time they had never replacedĀ just the bushings. After I did mine I did notify them of the parts which could be purchase from Ridewell at a very reasonable price. Ridewell had the bushing in stock.
[attachment=6762]Anyone know what the correct name for these arms are?

Sorry I missed your call.

Some people call those radius arms. Most heavy truck repair places can replace those bushings. Keep in mind that some of the bolts that go through the bushing are eccentric. The eccentric cam is used to adjust alignment with the center line of the coach, and the caster of the front axle.

As far as the pulsing brake. In addition to play in the radius arm bushing, it could be that you got some of the spray lube on the rotor. It could be that you might have a rusted spot on the rotor if you have been sitting for the winter. It could be a warped rotor.

Do you feel the pulse in the steering wheel, the seat of your pants, or the brake pedal (unlikely)?
Thanks Richard. I feel the pulse in the seat. I don't think I have rotors up front and know I have drums in back but i was careful to only lube the bushings. The rear bushings have no plastic spacers at all. Current dry camping at Newell planning on discussing the situation with someone tomorrow am. Also will call around other truck repair places.
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