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Full Version: 1972 Newell SOLD
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It breaks our hearts but nursing school is costing way more then planned so we're putting the Carole Ann up for sale.

Here's the local Craigslist ad:

In 4 or 5 years I'm sure we'll be back looking for another classic!

Thanks for everyone's help over the years!!!!!

Best wishes for your success going forward. Please stay in touch with the forum.
Bob, please let the new owner know about us and please continue to monitor the forum and provide input as appropriate. Congrats on the quick sale.
Hi group,

The buyer of "Carole Ann" is an electrician who served 20 years in the Navy.  I won't need to tell him about the Newell Guru's as he has read everything I've posted here and on other web sites about our (now his) Newell.  I can't begin to tell you how excited he was to pick her up this afternoon and my wife and I are very pleased that if we have to part with Carole at least she's going to someone who will clearly take good care of her.

We wish Rick and his wife many years of safe and reliable travels in Carole and know that this group will happily provide them with sound advice whenever needed.

Thank you all for your years of help!

Bob and Peni
Thanks for intro Rob!  V. Happy to be part of the group now.  Like Bob (yes, he was right, I stalked him on this site and may have known more about his "girl" then he did when I was all said and done) I am sure that I will need, and appreciate it ahead of time, all of the helpful advise.  Bob really took car of her!!!  She is beautiful as they come and a "one-of-kind"!  I could tell that he loved her, as much as one human could love something NON-human, when he got a little choked up when we shook hands like gentlemen to transfer as Carol Ann's caretaker (yes, I will continue to honor his lost family member by keeping the name.)  Now, Bob warned me that she would get some attention and that I would need to entertain A LOT of questions from admirers, but boy he was not in the least kidding.  Yesterday I pulled into a parking lot for a bite to eat on the way to her storage location, five(5) couples at once were walking her down when I came out of the resturaunt.  I have to get use to that for sure but comes with the territory when you own a Classic Newell!  Thankfully, my wife and I love history and now we own part of it and proud of it.
Congratulations Rick! Welcome officially to the Newell Owners group. We loved having a classic coach and got many of the same questions you are getting. We had lots of people ask if she was new since they had not seen anything like it before. Hope to see you guys on the road someday!