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Full Version: 1985 Newell Auction
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1985 Newell Auction April 20, 2019,  Thakerville, OK
i have to smile about the description......emasculate condition.

it does look nice in the pictures.

"Emasculate" has to be a Freudian slip given the pink interior:-)
There are 2 totally different pictures of the dash & steering wheel.
I noticed that too about the steering wheel. The first one is accurate for an '85.
The funky one is of a car

Apparently another item on the list as it is a rather large offering.
Karen likes it - it has 1) a tub 2) it’s pink :-(
It would not be hard to update the colors since the tub itself is not pink...
If I only had a building to store it I might consider bidding on it...
Hi Everyone, does anyone have any info on this coach? It list a 8cyl,
I'm guessing it's a DD 8V92? 
Thanks for you imput

Roscoe Snoeberger
No Coach yet
With a length of 40ft, it should be the 8v92. Looking at the flyer I would say they pulled their horse trailer with it. Must of used it for shows or rodeo’s???
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