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Full Version: hot rod insurance
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i get the feeling that a number of you are hot rodders or classic car guys as well..   i a little off the newell topics but thought i would share my experience.

i have a 1940 ford fordor deluxe that is basically a 40 ford body on a modern chassis and drive train.  nonetheless it is titled as a 40 ford.

i have had hagerty insurance the last two years.  it is up for renewal and was about 550 for a year.  that is high liability coverages 0 deductible etc.  

i decided to shop around and found basically the same coverage for 250 bucks a year from heacockclassic insurance.   

if any of you have any experiences where you have gotten good coverage from another company for reasonable rates please let me know.

i dont drive it much and plan on doing more with it this winter


Tom, we have had Hagerty for our street rod for about 6 years now. Where they sold me was letting me set the value of my vehicle and their roadside assistance program.  I actually used the roadside a few times and it was better than a few others I had or still have.  I have talked with Hagerty about insuring our motor coach but was put on a waiting list as they do not currently insure motor coaches but they are looking into offering this coverage (at least that is what they told me). 

Did you stay with Hagerty or where did you go?  Hope you are happy with whatever choice you made.