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Full Version: Heat Stream???
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Hard to believe but after almost three years I am still finding new stuff on my Newell. I was working in the plumbing bay and found an electric heater, called a Heat Stream. It is about 6" wide by 5" high. It has two knobs--the left is to turn it on and set the fan on low or high. The right knob adjusts the thermostat. It is mounted on top of the fresh water tank against the front wall of the wet bay. I had never looked for an electric heater because I have an AquaHot Whisper heater mounted to the left and just above my 110V water pump. Any one else have this heater?
Very difficult to get good photo due to plumbing. In the second photo it is the grey box on top of the water tank. You'll also see the AH Whisper heat exchanger by the water pump.