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Full Version: Propane heaters, how do I turn them on.
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First off, thank you for any help. I have attached some pictures of my propane heat system and the box with the red light which I am not sure weather or not it is part of the propane heat or not. Overall I have no idea how to turn these heaters on or lite the pilot light. I see 2 of the 3 units have a sight glass where I assume I should see the pilot light. So any Idea how to turn these on would be appreciated.
The dash switches do not control the propane furnaces. The propane furnaces are controlled by the thermostats. Follow the instructions on the furnace to start them up. They should have electric igniters that will spark when the thermostat demands heat. Make sure the propane is on at the tank and at the furnace. Deal with them one at a time.
On my 78 Newell those dash switches controlled the fans on heater cores that had engine coolant circulating through them in the water bay and under the rear bed.
From my 83. Turn on main valve on propane tank. Turn on gas at the heater, sould be an in line valve. The heater needs power switched on. In my case the heater under the couch has a toggle switch located near it to supply power. Then set the thermostat to call for heat. A fan in the heater will start up to to begin the cycle, after a few seconds it will light the burner. No standing pilot. When thermostat stops calling for heat it will shut down. Troubleshooting beyond this would involve checking the circuits for power and the flow of propane.