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Full Version: A must have find
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Some of you know that I am a grease magnet. Must be my superpower. 

Anyhoo, I stumbled onto these, and I must say they are TERRIFFIC for getting grease off skin and other things that might have gotten an unintended dose. I can also say with first hand experience it works for paint, glue, and ATF.

They are not cheap like paper towels, but oh so worth it. I got mine at Lowes. 

Thanks I continuously kneel down and get grease/dirt on my pants (usually dress pants) knees...
gee, my home depot trip for plumbing parts went up by ten bucks because of this post

Richard owns Home Depot stock. He thanks you..... I had a hard time tracking down this thread. Richard posted the picture but not the name....

It’s Tub O’ Towels.

I ordered up some on amazon and they arrived a few days ago. Man, these things are terrific. They smell like the orange power cleaning spray. They must have some sort of solvent in them because they will dissolve all kinds of grime.

here are a couple of examples...

- The bottom of my dog water bucket had a product description sticker that had been there for years. I peeled off the paper part but the adhesive was left behind. Scrubbing with a scotch brite spong did nothing. I took one of the “towels” to it and it came right off.

- The inside of my coffee roaster toaster oven had developed some smoky stains. Simple green helped some...but not really. I tried the tub o’ towel and the stains came right off.

The only downside is that these leave a slight residue behind. I used microfiber towels to clean up after the TOT.

Thanks Richard for finding these. Good product and highly recommended.