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Full Version: Oasis Hurricane ITR hydronic diesel RV heating system new
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New hydronic diesel system , never installed, 5 zone capable, engine preheat and continuous hot water on demand
- Oasis Heating Module CH50M 120 VAC#34900 and Distribution Module DM12 Stainless Steel # 37200, controller, wiring, 2 heat exchangers to get you started.
Genuine ITR Products
• A high-temperature, stainless steel burner and stainless steel jacket.
• 8.2 US gallon welded, insulated stainless steel
coolant tank that minimizes heat loss and optimizes heat recovery.
• Low coolant level switch on the tank.
• Easy to install, completely modular and field serviceable
with the Oasis™ Heating Module hookups and connections easily
accessible from the front and top of the Heating Module.
• Quiet operation and low power consumption.
• Low pressure fuel system with built-in fuel pump.
• Fuel efficient burner capable of burning a wide
variety of diesel based fuels.
• Exhaust has minimal smoke and smell.

•Patented no smoke, no smell 50,000 BTU diesel burner
•Domestic water temperature rise of 65° F at 1 gpm
•5 thermostatically controlled space heating zones
•A supplemental 1500W electric immersion element
•Domestic water temperature control valve
•Manual Summer/winter switching valve

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT 50,000 BTU
Auxiliary Electrical Heat - 2 x 1500 watt elements (10,000 BTU)
Burner Design - Proprietary ITR low pressure system
Continuous Water Temperature & Flow Rate - 120 °F @ 1.5 GPM
Continuous Temperature Rise (ΔT) of Incoming Potable Water- 60 °F
Interior Heat Available While Using Hot Water-YES
Engine Waste Heat Management-YES
Engine Preheat System- OPTIONAL
Touch Screen Remote Interface -OPTIONAL
Coolant Tank Capacity- 8.5 gallons
Fuel Consumption (continuous running) - 0.44 gallons/hour
System Voltage- 12 VDC
Amperage Draw (running) - 6.5 Amps
Amperage Draw (heat loop pumps) - 5 Amps (2.5 A for each Loop)
Amperage Draw (engine pre-heat pump) - 2.5 Amps
Available Heating Zones- 5
Heating Circulation Loops - 2
Coolant / Water Connections - 1/2” MPT
Exaust Outlet Connection- 1.5” FPT
14” H x 14” W x 30” D (CH50)
11” H x 14” W x 6.5” D (DM12)
Weight (empty/full):
81 lbs / 149 lbs (CH50)
29 lbs (DM12)

The OASIS CH50 and DM12 are designed to offer exceptional performance combined with versatile installation options. They a patented two-component modular design that allows for a smaller, more flexible footprint, while also featuring a robust 50,000 True Output™ BTU system. The CH50 houses a stainless steel tank and powerful diesel burner, while the DM12 contains circulation pumps, a potable hot water heat exchanger, and a thermal regulating valve.
The OASIS CH50/DM12 system delivers 1.5 GPM of continuous hot water at 120°F without interruption to space heating requirements. A dual-loop circulation system provides space heating to up to 5 zones.
Other standard features of the OASIS CH50/DM12 system are dual 1500 watt AC electric elements for an added 10,000 BTU of output that can be used independent of the diesel burner while under shore power and an engine waste heat management system to increase efficiency in the system. The OASIS CH50/DM12 also incorporates plug-and-play wiring for easy installation, and offers the option of an engine preheat feature to reduce cold engine start-ups.
The OASIS CH50/DM12 is CSA/UL certified. All OASIS systems, including the OASIS CH50/DM12 use ITR’s low-pressure burner platform. This patented “no-smell, no-smoke” technology improves safety and efficiency while lengthening system maintenance cycles.

Bought a couple of years ago to install in a custom bus and plans changed when we ended up with a bad engine. It is a brand new upgraded system with the DM12 distribution module, all the wiring, controller, manual, 2 hydronic heaters included.

J-Way enterprises sells everything for the Oasis system

The CH50 module was $4800, the DM12 Module was $2650, then $1400 for the controller, expansion tank, heaters, wiring etc. Shipping was about $300.- I have $9000 invested and you would pay that if you buy from any dealer.

I can get it on a pallet and wrap it, you arrange pickup and pay for shipping to your destination. With pallet, I think the total weight will be around 175-200 #.

Shipping from 46514- Elkhart, can take it to my brother's shop and have a lift truck to load for carrier once paid.

CaII  - 574 three2three 87eight7

Cross posted and advertised locally. Auction may end early and a private deal is likely.....don't snooze and loose....i have seen one of these system advertised 4 years ago..only once. These are better than Aquahot and cheaper.

For a Guru fellow member I would do $5500 even and you pick up or have it shipped.

On ebay here: