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Full Version: Aqua-hot exhaust
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today while crawling around under the beast I find the exhaust for the aquahot is toast.
My coach has a pipe through the roof.
My question IS should I run the new pipe out the side OR run the extra piping back out the roof ?? Out the side would be way easy through the roof a bear.
INPUT please

Roof, the AH exhaust can, not always, be obnoxious
George, To get you going, a 2 inch pipe extending 2 inches beyoned and straight out the side of the coach will work, no down turn tip, please.

But, I too like the out the roof exhaust of the Newell and would encourage you to consider re-newing the origingal exhaust as you can. Very kind to neighbors as the burner gets toward needing service.

All the best as you fix this.
Having done this twice (two diff coaches), there are some challenges. If you have two pipes out the roof, then it is easier. One is a little trickier since the AH and the gennie join in a custom welded right angle.

If possible find a location where there is a dip below the exhaust pipe. If not put it up on ramps. You want to be able to lower the pipe out of it's vertical chase.

There is a pipe union at the exit of the AH the mates the 2 inch pipe on one side of the union to exhaust pipe on the other. If you cannot break the union loose, take a side grinder and split the union nut in two pieces. When you run new exhaust pipe, you will need to weld the new pipe union on the exhaust pipe. Don't forget the nut.

On the other end, being able to drop the vertical pipe down a foot will help tremendously in fitting up the new exhaust section. You may or may not need a new elbow.