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Full Version: What is this ???
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I know it is a hot water heater, but why would this be necessary when you have Aqua hot ? The dealer is saying this original equipment and not an add on.
I have an insta-hot in my coach that provides almost boiling hot water to a separate faucet at the kitchen sink. It looks similar but it located under the sink rather than in a bay. We use our insta-hot in our Newell so much that we added now to our kitchen sink in our house.
The dealer where Im trying to purchase this coach is trying to tell me this is original and sends me this pic. Looks like the Aqua Hot is not working probably due to a damaged boiler and this was added instead of fixing the Aqua Hot. Ive serviced many aqua hots and have never seen this
Rudy is the expert....but that does not look original to me. If the AH tank is cracked, it will not hold coolant. When cool, take radiator cap off and see the level of the coolant. Also, It looks like the overflow tank has been removed. This would be a huge red flag to me. FWIW.
The dealer is not accurate. That is an add on, that has been plumbed into the hot water heater. Whether it was to provide supplemental hot water, or because for any number of reasons the AH is inoperative, who knows. Look at the color of the new pex tubing compared to the OE pex.
If the aquahot is damaged that should be a significant discount. Is the aquahot tank there?
Have no idea what the two pex lines are for.

If AH has damaged tank or fresh water coil, I can assist in a reman install that works like new from Aqua Hot. Will tear up $10,000 though.

Let me know if you need more assistance.
From the best I could tell from the pictures the dealer sent to me and my knowledge of aqua-hot I think the unit is damaged. I think this add on hot water heater was added to save the cost of the repair of the Aqua Hut. At this point it looks like this deal is pretty much dead. I definitely appreciate everybody's help
Two thoughts.

First, it probably matters a lot in terms of cost whether the problem is the fresh water coil or a damaged tank. I'm thinking that asking to have the system run to see what happens would be informative.

Second, my class B creates hot water in a small plate type heat exchanges that is heated by a circulating fluid heated by a diesel fired Espar furnace. It MAY be cheaper to install one of these rather than replacing the fresh water coil if it has gone bust. While there is no size comparison between a Newell and my class B I'm sure there is a plate heat exchanger size for the job.