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Full Version: combination washer dryer
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I have to replace my combination washer dryer.  It is one single front loading unit, not a stack-able.  It shook itself to death.  Any recommendations?
I replaced my 1995 model splendid last year with a new is larger and uses less water than the old one.Works well for what it is.get one that is vented
Frank, We use our 2100 XC Splendide 3 to 4 times per week for some years now. Like it better than the 2000 Splendide it replaced. It is vented (no way on a non-vented unit).

Hope you know they wash more than they dry. So wash both sheets and pillow cases but dry one sheet at a time. This takes about 30 minutes per sheet to dry, total 60 drying minutes. If both left in to dry together, they will be damp after 90 minutes. No room for the warm air to circulate to dry the sheets together.
I’m pretty sure that we have a brand new one in our warehouse. You can PM us and we’ll go from there if your interested