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Full Version: wifi control of garage doors on the cheap
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hi all,

not a newell thing but is part of my newell shop.   i have liftmaster jackshaft medium duty commerical openers on my two shop doors.  

they are not MYQ compatible.  i have the myq setup on our cabin and this works just as good.  

our webmaster scott, found this setup for me and i put it in today.  20 bucks shipped from china and works with a separate android app or alexa.  

these doors have separate open, close and stop controls on the manual buttons on the wall.  so i needed a 4 channel controller.  one for open for each door and one for close each door.  

i used an old power supply i had laying around to power it.  it can use various dc voltages and or ac 120v to power it.  the one i used was 12v dc.  i never throw away old transformers....never know when you will need them.   

then you program the app and hook the controller to your wifi, and program alexa and walla..  i used some old thermostat wire to hook it up.  and zip tied it to the power cord.  each channel uses a ground and a control wire.  so 4 wires per opener.  

it works flawlessly.  only this is the doors need to go all the way up or all the way down.  cant stop them part way using the app.  

i have a scissors lift so it is easy to get at stuff up high.  

this same controller will work using just two of the channels for a regular garage door opener

Can’t wait for Scott to hack the controllers, and play jumping jacks with the doors just to mess with you.