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Full Version: Compressor Unloader Solenoid
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My Spartan Scientific unloader solenoid started leaking air a while ago.  Instead of fixing it, I simply removed it.  My air compressor starts up just fine, but I know that it would be better to have the unloader valve.

As I remember this part....Newell wants a small fortune for it.  So....has anyone figured out a way to utilize the 120V wires that are from the well switch to wire up an alternative unloader solenoid?


Let’s talk about the basics, and then you can adapt to your setup. First there needs to be a check valve downstream of the unloaded, so that the system air pressure does not bleed back through the unloaded. Second, any Normally Open pneumatic valve with a 120 coil will work. Wire the valve and pump in parallel so that when the well pump switch comes on, it energizes and closes the solenoid valve. 

That part is easy, the next part of figuring out how to plumb that into your system is the challenge. Some have autodrain water separators, some do not. 

You can also use a standard air compressor unloaded/pressure switch. It too will take some plumbing thought.