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Full Version: Value of Guru friends!!!!
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I was looking for a somewhat rare car and found one that sounded good in the Birmingham, AL area.  I was able to call a Guru friend in Birmingham who agreed to go look at the car in person.  He provided me with a hands on evaluation and numerous photos.  All of this was done on a freezing cold day.

A very special thank you to Bill Johnson--Guru Bikestuff.
Awwww. Blush!

Steve was one of the first folks to welcome me into this group. Over the years he has talked me off of many a ledge. Come to think of it. He is not the only one. Several other gurus have talked me off the ledge. (I must get out on the ledge pretty often).

The gurus are a terrific group and I am fortunate that I stumbled into the site.

[When Steve figures out that I bought car out from under him...I bet he is gonna be pretty mad!! Wink. ]
Steve, You must share details at some point. I'm sure there are more than a few of us that are car crazy and need to live out our car fantasy, vicariously thru others
Between just you & me, I am hoping that Bill buys the car, but lets me drive it.
Do tell, fellow car guys need to know, year, make, model, color, and horsepower of course :-)
A few years ago when we bought a class C Steve Magown graciously drove over to give it a look over. While he was still on crutches! That's the kind of friends that you'll find here.
And nobody here keeps score, just out to help others.
BTW we need to know what car!
Forest, find something else for me to go look at, I need some more of Cindy's gumbo and bread pudding!!!
steve m. i am trimming some trees this morning. can you come over and help?

Well Bill didn't buy the car.  Truth is Bill has more money than I do and would buy new and not an antique.  Bill may be waiting for the rumored Cadillac XLR that may be built on the mid engine corvette chassis.  Only $149,000.

I did buy the car.  It is a '09 Cadillac XLR--the last year they were manufactured.  It is built on a C5 Corvette chassis and is powered by the 320hp Northstar Cadillac engine.  It is red crystal tintcoat with cashmere interior.  It is not a museum car, but will be a very fun daily driver!
Nice!! but can you tow it?
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