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Full Version: Phoenix Aqua-Hot Service
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Is there a consensus among us Arizonans about which of the local technicians is the most competent for Aqua-Hot troubleshooting?    I probably just need some routine work done, (and yes, I could do it myself) but would like to get it right the first time.    Any advice appreciated.
Call Lloyd De Gegerald 5 zero 1 two 58 8426 and see if he is out your way this winter. He is a very good Aqua Hot Aquthorized service center that summers in Little Rock and winters in the desert. You will be pleased with his service.

Or, go east to Exit 800 on I-10 and I will be happy to service the heater. It is not far, lol.
I used RV Eagle. 602-618-0295

Came with a Magnum inverter and all parts for AquaHot. Good service.
All Aboard America in Mesa.  Darren knows these systems well!  Talk to Leo.