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Full Version: Classic shocks
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In the midst of brake service , beginning at the front , I find that there is one shock absorber per side even though there are mounts for a second shock . On the left there is a radius in the undercoating that seems to indicate there was a shock there at one time . I was wondering if other classics in the group have one or two shocks per side in the front ?
 I will post findings as to the brakes in the appropriate area . 
My 1986 had only one Koni shock per wheel well.
My '82 only has one shock per wheel.
My '87 came with 1 shock per side. I added a second per side at the front. Oh MY, WHAT AN IMPROVEMENT ! ! ! ! !

The road manners are greatly improved.

SOOOOOOO glad I did it.
Our 1985 came with two shocks on each side in the front. We still have the original invoice stating this was factory installed.
We have two front shocks per wheel also.  1984