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Full Version: Mid engine Newell
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We are camped at Disney this week. Yesterday a well intentioned fellow approached me at the caoch while i was enjoying a cool beverage and asked if the coach was mid engined. He said he saw the exhaust pipe in the middle. I said why yes he was very observant and engine was midship. I told him it was built on a Fiero chassis andulta lightweight materials were used. I addd that because we kept the original V6 that we got over 20 mpg.  I also added that we also had the overheating problems that the Fiero had. He replied that was interesting and walked on.  Hey its disney everything is possible.
Haha! or you coulda told him no it's front wheel drive and opened up the genny compartment to show him the turbo 4 cylinder. Gotta have fun.
Sounds like the questions & answers when folks see our chrome "HYBRID" on the back of the coach. I am currently wanting to pull up & run a cord out to a "Tesla" charging station just to see what reactions I get.
Mine, being an '86, is configured differently. I have the I4 diesel mounted upfront. The original owner had a construction company and he used it as a mobile office. That's why the enormous generator was mounted in the rear, could power the entire construction site with that baby.
I passed on buying a Crown bus conversion before I bought my first Newell. Most of them were mid-engined. They are held in high regard within the skooly world.
Thanks for the early morning laugh Richard! Too funny!