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Full Version: what is it?
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my son in law has gotten into guitars in a big way.  he is a budding Luthier and has been picking up alot of different kinds of very collectible guitars.  in fact he was the biggest buyer at the recent Mecum classic car auction (they did collectible guitars after the cars) in phoenix a few weeks ago.  

he has been also buying classic Luthier tools.  He just got a number of them in an auction batch and he knew what every one did except for this one tool.  even after research, so far nothing.  it was from a batch of tools that a violin luthier sold him.  

any brilliant minds out there know that this tool is for?

he also is starting a collectible guitar store.  here is his link to his facebook page.

now go figure out what the tool is.  

That is a partially finished deck covered in snow
Darnit, Richard beat me to it!
smart look at the right picture.....and yes, the previous one was my partially built deck at my cabin....

Are the pins moveable? Possibly a jig to drill holes for the strings attachments?
That is a standard wire bending jig. Put music wire in it to custom make all kinds of flat springs. You have to heat treat the wire afterwards.
What does the thumb wheel do?