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Full Version: 1999 Newell 41 foot coach 526 in phoenix SOLD
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this coach i know well because it is mine.  i am trying to no longer be in the two newell club.  

i am having steve at arizona luxury coach sell it for me.  he is a class act and has an indoor air conditioned showroom.  

i did a lot of things to it to make sure it was in nice selling condition.  low mileage and low genny hours.  

have a look and contact steve for more info.  for anyone serious about it i will be glad to answer questions about it privately.  

i have a contract with him so am not selling it outside of him.  i have found i am a great coach buyer and not so great at selling.  i just want to keep everyone that i have had.  darlene says our 02 is enough and i dont need two of them.  go figure.....

Anyone looking for a Newell needs to see this one. I've seen what Tom has done to get it ready for the next owner. He has done all of the right stuff.
This is a unicorn. By that I mean it is in the condition that everyone hopes or wishes their coach would have been in when they bought it. If we were going to fulltime again it would not be for sale.
Tom could you send me the info. you have on it. I contacted the dealership about it but would love to get whatever you have for a novice taking a look. Thanks!
i sent you an email with my phone number

give me a call

I just can’t believe Darlene would make you sell the 99! Lol. Great looking coach and I know you did a LOT of work to it to get in pristine condition - someone needs to buy this coach quick!
Coach 526 has a new home. new owners picked it up sunday and drove home to lubbock texas, arriving tuesday.

i talked to them today and they love it.

he was stunned when they got home and had only used a quarter tank. he was also stunned when he found out it had a 265 gallon fuel tank...ha

hopefully they will join the forum and introduce themselves. very nice folks.

i highly recommend steve bennett at arizona luxury coach to have sell your coach. he is the ultimate in full and honest service.

Congratulations Tom!  I was always impressed you were a two Newell coach owner! My hats off to you!  Steve Bennett at Arizona Luxury Coach referred to you as a "Newell Affectionado" in their marketing of #526....that probably is an understatement :-)  The new owners picked up a nicely done coach you should be proud of the work you put into her.  Now, what are are you going to do with your spare time?
Congratulations on the sale!
Oh boy ! Giant empty space in Toms shop. Plenty of room for a boat, helicopter or even small plane. Any suggestions?