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Full Version: Coach #590; Any info,history?
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We are looking at #590 to possibly purchase.  Does anyone have any background or experience with this coach.  It's currently in AL.

thanks so much!
Use the search feature if you haven't, and you'll find a few tidbits of info. It says sale pending online, though.
Yes, I saw the same.  It has been marked pending for several days.  I have been talking directly to the seller.  1st buyers financing fell thru.  We planned to look at it yesterday or today but it sold sight unseen before we could get there.  Oh well!

I did not find any info on #590 on the forum.  Maybe I'm not searching properly.

Thanks for the help!
Army Wife,

This coach was sold out of Sanford, FL earlier this year. I was looking to purchase it but could not come to a deal before a buyer came forward. Excalibur Coach was the seller.
I also contacted the current seller via email and he said there was a buyer and he would contact me if the financing fell through. I haven't heard from him yet.
Use the Google search box on the home page just under "Please put a signature..."

I typed in "coach 590" and came up with a few things.
Or type in: #590