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Full Version: Pictures of your coach
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As I travel around I like to take pictures of my coach in its natural environment.  Maybe other feel the same way.  
If you have a favorite picture of your coach....why not add to this thread.

Here is one that I took this week.  The hurricane was bearing down on central Ohio and produced a terrific sunset.

You set the bar pretty high.
I'll bite, but I don't have any pictures in pretty locations, yet. So, I'll go with this one from the coach during my test drive.
Sunset Reflection.
Just pulled out of my shop after paint job.[attachment=7851][attachment=7852]
Great paint work Dean!! No way I could do that nice a job.
Glad to see your project done after all these years Dean! Being able to see the 'before' in person back in 2012, and now the after is pretty cool.
We are at Spearfish.
Great pic Richard! Love the blue stripe!
Richard,  your coach looks really shiny, very nice picture.
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