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We are looking to install Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in our coach and remove the driver side couch.  In its place we want to put two Stressless recliner chairs.  Sans the tile floor our inspiration was an image from a newer Newell see below.

We are going on a two to three week trip. So instead of going all in, our plan was to not make any permanent alterations that can't be put back together as original.  So starting with removal of the couch, the front half of the dinette and the carpet under the dinette.  Installed LVP flooring and used the same material on the wall.  We only disturbed the slide area to give us some idea if we will like this product or not.  All in all start to finish it only took about a days work to complete our trial run.  We will perfect how we use the chairs and slide operation on our trip.  We also will evaluate the floor choice as to it's suitability for the coach.  We only have about $100 invested so not a big expense for making sure this will work for us.[attachment=7952][attachment=7953]

Have some plywood to replace on the slide wall and floor that will happen once we decide to do the complete floor project but for now things will be just fine for our purposes.
I started my floor replacement this week
Took up the wood floor in the front
Now onto the marble flooring then taking out the carpet by the bed
I'm going to reuse the marble on the bathroom walls and the oak flooring in the rear closet...thinking about heating under it all
Hoping for a nice finish and a great winter project
If you can’t do this work, we can. Don’t be shy.

I have been to his place, and seen his craftsmanship. You would be impressed.
Ernie, when I click on the link it says that group doesn't exist.
Doug try this....
I corrected my links
Could not find your group at the link you provided.  However found your group page at the following link....
Hey Ernie, we installed Bruce waterproof hardwood flooring in our home - you think this would be a good choice in the coach?
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