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Full Version: New-to-me Newell
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I'm looking at a 2005 with 80k on the clock and with several what might be big money pit repair jobs needed.
I have had a wonderful Monaco Exec for the last 12 years and it's time to move on before I have to hang up the keys.
Always wanted a Newell and have been looking for mid-entry, Murphy bed, galley on the street side at a price zI can afford.
The 2005 is in Florida and I spent an hour on her with the owner today.
Hydraulic fluid under the rear bumper
Slides chiming but not retracting ()when I arrived all four were out) Another slide had a "kink," according to the owner
Silver Leaf panel dead
Previous water leaks inside the bedroom at the front edge of the curbside seal. Owner said Newell Miami had "fixed it three times" but it still leaked. He was also unhappy with the Newell has treated his coach.
He's asking $220k.
Otherwise, the interior is subtle and the upholstery is in decent shape for its age. Newish tires, brand-new today chassis batteries and recent house batteries.
During the hour-long visit I did not hear the aux air compressor operate at all. The two pocket doors and the plug door worked briskly.
Comments anyone?
Tom Gauger
Emailed you.
There is an 05 Murphy bed that hit RV Trader a few days ago as well.