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Full Version: 1991 For Sale Link FYI
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No affiliation... but I am looking to buy one NOW.

This one would need quite a few changes to the interior for me.

I used to keep a rig down at a RV Park in Fairhope Alabama in the winter and this coach used to belong to my neighbors there. They would come for the winter months as well.  I can tell you that Jeff (previous owner) took great care of this coach and it shined  (as well as his car hauler/before that he had a stacker trailer). The coach was in incredible condition. I know he had it listed on this site for sale last summer for around $50,000 and that he did sell it. Don't know the story beyond that, but hopefully the current owner continued maintaining it the way Jeff did.
Yes, this just sold last year. I believe the asking price was $47,500 on RVtrader. It would of been a fair price. It also was the coach that had the tree fall on the drivers side top edge of the roof. Never was correctly fixed, but really I'm sure not an issue for most, if the price is right. I see alot of older 8V92 coaches sell from 30k-60k at the top end if its immaculate. Usually better to pay the extra for the Detroit series 60.

Given, this has had some interior work done, but seems like a trade off for the previous damage. Just my opinion only of course. If its sells at that price then, he certainly made a heck of deal when he bought it. Only take one, who thinks its a good deal at that price.
Interesting that it is listed as a 1991. It is a 1990. 10th digit of the VIN is an L which would be 1990. It is coach #234.
I don't know anything of the current condition but do know that Jeff took pride while he owned it and did some nice upgrades.