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Full Version: Volt Meter
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Anyone have a favorite?  Looked back at some old threads, but didn't see anyone mentioning anything recently.
I went with a Tacklife CM01A. The deciding factor for me was that it shows both AC and DC current. I used the DC current to trace a battery drain, worked really well.
  • Quick and Accurate AC/DC Amp Clamp Meter- Auto-ranging clamp multimeter measuring AC/DC current, AC/DC voltage, Resistance, capacitance, continuity, Temperature, diode and Frequency(Hz) ; A perfect troubleshooting meter to help you solve automotive or household electrical problems quickly and safely

  • ▲Non-Contact Voltage Detection & Overload Protection - If AC voltage detected, the visible LED lights will shine and the beeper will sound(range is 90V-1000V); Only when testing current, the flashlight of multimeter shines; Overload Protection & Double Insulation Protection avoid electric shock, protect users from touching dangerous areas

  • ▲Multifunctional & Easy to read - High-Definition Large Back-lit LCD provides better visibility in dark working area; ZERO function makes for decrease the data error influenced by the earth magnetic field, help you to obtain more accurate measurement; Automatically enters sleep mode after 30 minutes of inactivity for energy conservation; Data hold function; Low battery indicator

  • ▲Solid With Free Extra Test Leads : Supplied with free batteries and test leads, all in a carrying pouch for direct use; The test leads are easy to grip; The design is Ergonomic and portable for easy use, perfect for both professional or new users

  • ▲ What You Get: 1x Tacklife CM06 Digital Clamp Meter, 2x Test Leads, 2x AAA Batteries, 1x User Manual, 24 month service; Be assured of purchase Tacklife CM06 digital clamp meter multimeter, Please contact us at the first time if the multimeter has any problem
I agree with Jon on several features. AC and DC is very useful in coach diagnostics. Big
Display is for old eyes. Ability to test capacitors is useful.

I forgot to add, I have the same meter, just in a different exterior case. Mine was branded Southwire, and I bought it at Lowe’s some years ago for twice the price Jon linked.
Perfect. Thanks a bunch!
Richard gave some excellent advice that I failed to note, I was able to fix my battery charger by replacing a 50 cent capacitor that tested bad.