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Full Version: Upholstery
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Looking for a reupholster to do the seating area of a coach any suggestions?
It would help to know where you are located. On edit I see Baton Rouge. Maybe can help. He is in Gonzales. Have you thought about taking it to Foretravel?

There is nothing fancy at all about the way the upholstery is done in the Newell. Any decent auto shop or furniture shop could do it.

Are you going back with leather or fabric? If fabric, make sure you get upholstery grade heavy weight stuff. Sunbrella makes pretty nice upholstery fabric, suggest you get a fabric catalog from Sailrite.
Like Richard said any good upholstery shop should be able to do the job, but would probably require removing the furniture. And they may not want to work on a motorhome.
In Nacogdoches, TX there are a few good places such as Motorhomes of Texas, Infinity Custom Upholstery, possibly Nacogdoches Motorhome Service and the Foretravel factory.
I'm not familiar with any local shops.
If you want to go the other direction (east), Marc Childs and his team at Prestige Interior Solutions in Clearwater, FL does outstanding work. They typically rework airplane interiors, but will do coach interiors. They did the interior of my coach. It looks amazing. Their attention to detail is beyond top notch. They can source any type material and any quality level you'd like. Their turnaround time was very good, as well.