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Full Version: Pliers and Wrenches
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[attachment=8667][attachment=8666]Knipex square jaw pliers available on Amazon, check multiple vendors for best pricing  Richard's best tool recommendation at Spearfish.  He must like good tools and doesn't shy away from the price tag.  Please see attached photo of a smiling Glen displaying the product

Blackhawk AW 1350  chain link wrench for those of us who don't happen to carry hugh wrenches in multiple sizes this one size fits all works great if you have room to get around a bolt or nut.
Love my Knipex pliers! Among other things, they're great for shower heads because the smooth, parallel jaws tighten without mark them up.
What would be a good replacement for the Blackhawk AW 1350 as it looks like that is a vintage tool?
A quick internet search will bring up a good selection of chain pipe wrench tools.
Chain Pipe Wrench Tools
I bought a Blackhawk 1351 on ebay. I think the 1350 is a 12" . The 1351 is a 16" . I
I did see plenty of the chain pipe wrenches listed there.