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Full Version: TV Ceiling mount.
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I need a little advice. I would like to do a pull down tv in our classic Newell. I am totally ignorant as to what is behind the "covered wagon" style ceiling in these early coaches. I am afraid that any exploration is non reversable. Has anyone done this, or pulled down the fabric, and made note of the approx dimensions of the runners?
I was hoping to find something that I could mount inside the existing hole for the old TV.
Oh boy!

The first Newell I owned had a pull down TV installed. It was an abomination in that it took about 8 inch of ceiling ht, and it blocked the front two seat when deployed. The problem is that that is not enough room between the ceiling and the roof to properly recess it. It took weeks of work, and redoing the entire ceiling to fix that hot mess.

I would look into a projector and drop down screen if BIG TV is what you are looking for. Micheal may be able to provide some guidance in that area.
Thanks for the advice Richard. I really don't need another hot mess in my life !
After much indecision I went with a 32 inch TV mounted in the same location as the old one . The  TV is attached to two drawer slides which allows it to drop down enough to clear the doors in the overhead . Cables are used to hold the TV in the "up " position . 
I looked at the doing something like swinging down from the ceiling , but it looked like a can of worms . After reading Richard's post I'm glad I abandoned that idea !
I like that idea .

Thank you.