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Full Version: Doing the best we can on the forum
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Howdy all,

I get notes and comments now and then (more frequently as our numbers have grown) about how things are not working or working the way folks would like on the forum software.  i want you to know that we do the best we can to help those that have problems.  

we all get used to using websites that are built by and run by professionals.  newellgurus is not run by either of those.

i own and operate it with the help of my son and a handful of willing gurus that act as admins and moderators.  we use freeware and i cover all the hosting and other expenses myself, never asking for contributions.  and i never will ask for contributions and thankfully refuse those that offer.  and that has been the case for the 9 years since we created newellgurus.  

the forum runs relatively smoothly but does require work on our part and is not perfect by any sense of the word.  and it is a work of passion and care that we love to do.  

i never expected it to have as many that have joined us and i like to think it has helped many.  for sure darlene and i have made many many dear friends from it.  

please continue to be patient with us.  my day is always brighter with phone, email, text or forum contact with you.  and like many others on the forum, i have contact with some of you almost every day.  

i talk to karl blade occasionally, and i know he is appreciative of the help that the gurus give each other.  

i also know that there are many on the forum that are very experienced with our rigs that dont post much.  i know because i talk to many of you.  please take the time to share your experiences on behalf of all of us.  

i am not looking for kudos on what we do, but rather wanting all of you to know that we are doing the best we can to offer a forum to help each other.   

thank you to all of you....

As a relative newcomer (a little over a year now), I can honestly say that this site has had a very positive impact on my Newell ownership experience. I have learned so much from the forum and many of it members. Someone is always willing to lend a hand, take a phone call and walk you through the issue to get it fixed. Some of us (me) are not as mechanically, inclined as others but it doesn't matter. 

I have been part of other forums and this one without a doubt is the best. You can ask anything. There is not judgement or negative comments if you ask a dumb question (I have asked a few myself). What Tom continues to do is invaluable and I for one hope he continues this forum for a very long time. 

One of my most memorable conversations with a Guru was with Richard. He was helping me through several air related issues. I had just purchased the M&G brake system for my toad and I told him that I needed to find someone locally to install it for me. He said "you already have someone locally", which was confusing to me since I just told I need to find someone. So I asked him who. He said YOU. I kind of smirked and told him that I didn't think I had the skillsets to do it. But he convince me to give a try and told me that he would walk me through any part of the install that I needed help with. It was such a confidence building project and I learned a lot about my coach and my toad. This is just one example and I am sure many others have their own.

Tom, I appreciate all you do. Keep up the great work.

I am a newbie as well and Tom was one of the first to actually call me and lend any info he could give on getting me started on my Newell. So far I have found this site and its members to be amazing. Thanks for sharing Tony, that is awesome! I am still learning alot about my '93 but mostly from taking it apart and adding new things. Getting hands on these things will give you confidence. There is still alot I have no clue on but I will get there.

Tom, thanks for what you do. I know this is for the most part a thankless job that you and your son provide. That said, I believe that most of us truly appreciate the passion you have for this mark and keeping a place where we can share ideas and learn from one another. Like the name says... "Friends helping friends". I love the logo.
Tom, the best you can do is way more than I ever expected from a forum. Thank you and all the gurus that share their experiences
As a real newcomer to the site, I am completely AMAZED by the support and help you offer to members, no matter when they joined or what they need! I can only imagine the time this takes. You don’t want kudos but surely deserve them! Thank you for helping us learn about Newell and spend our time, money, and energy wisely!

Evan & Kat
2015 Grand Design Momentum 328M
2013 Chevy Silverado 2500 Duramax with Allison Transmission
Tom, you're doing an amazing job!! Thank you for hosting a forum that provides a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in owning a Newell.
I know Tom is a very humble individual but what he and his son do here is nothing short of amazing! I am always constantly amazed by the breadth and width of knowledge from all the contributing members here. I have been helped so many times (and still ask plenty of dumb questions!), I only wish I was more involved in the discussions and could do more to help. Some day when I am 75 years old I will be able to retire and assist more on the forum… until then thank you Guru leaders for all you do for us!
In my opinion this forum is one of the best if not The Best out there . Major influence on my decision to go with a 31 year old ( at the time ) coach instead of a newer motorhome . Help from Gurus and the wealth of information on here has kept me going on this open ended project when enthusiasm has waned at times . I visit here at least once almost every day , if for no other reason than look for an opportunity to help out as I have been assisted many times .
I hope to meet some of you someday , certainly seem to be a fine group of folks .
Profound thanks to all involved in starting this Forum and it's continuing service to the Newell community .