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Full Version: Running on 30 amp?
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Well on my '93 I had no problem on 30 amp running what I needed to.
But with the '98 and the SCS basement a/c will I have any problems if I'm on 30 amp?
I do have a splitter to plug into either 2 30 amp or 1 30 + 1 15 amp.
I have the Coleman Mach thermostats and what I understand is that if I switch the fan switch to low then only 1 compressor on each unit will run.
And I can run the Aquahot on diesel. So I guess I'll be ok on 30 amp.
Anybody did this?
Forest, using the splitter does not work UNLESS both receivers are on different breakers. I have had virtually no success using the splitter and running an a/c, and unless the connections are to two breakers, you run the risk of damaging your equipment. I have concluded that if I need a/c when 50 amp is not available, I run the generator.
Running one ac on low works but both have given breaker problems. When I do 30 amps I go into proSine and set breakers at 5 amps each side
With my '93 using the splitter I was able to run 2 Dometic basement a/cs, plus the electric heater with no problems. With just 30 amps available I had to manage things a bit better.
I'll probably run into some 30 amp only campgrounds while up in Canada this summer. Probably won't need the a/c up there.
I'm assuming the stove is 240v? Guess I'll have to pull out the gas bbq and stove.
What about the clothes dryer? Will that work on 120v, just slower or not work at all?
I'd bet that the Washer and Dryer are 120 Volts bit check the Manual. When we run the Washer or Dryer on 30 Amp, we simply turn everything else off. You may have issues with 30 Amp Service Forest...Good Luck.
On your coach the dryer should be 220V. On my coach the dryer and cooktop do not work if hooked to only 30 amps.
Whoops! that would make it hard to use at all the places we go!
When I use the dryer or cook stove, I start the generator when on 30amp service. Permit me to emphasis that you will not have 60amps if you are using a splitter and both 30amp connectors are on the same breaker.
No dryer, no a/c, no cooktop, no outdoor grill, NO FUN....Start Genny!Big Grin
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