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Full Version: Aquahot noise
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I've been using the Aquahot diesel burner about a 1/2 hour each day to heat water and noticed a noise and vibration coming from the burner that sounds like maybe a bearing going bad.
No noise when just running it on electric.
Is this a replaceable part and how easy to replace it?

No noise on electric only is normal.

Please call me in the morning and let me see if I can assist you. If it was not so late, I would have already called you. There are some things that can be checked quickly especially if I can hear what you are hearing on the phone.

To answer your question about replacing the bearings. The bearings require total disassembly of the burner to replace. It is not hard to do but will take some time.

Some hints are -- metric allen wrenches and a 10 mm socket are the needed tools. On re-assembly, the waffle washers on the blower shaft need to be kept in the same order they are in. The blower shaft nut needs to be tighten till the blower contacts the housing and then loosen 1/4 turn. The top of the motor needs to be put back like it came apart. The gears need to be lubed with hi-temp grease.

If you or anyone else reading this get into a Aqua Hot project, please feel free to call me as I would be happy to share hints on how to get it done. It is not rocket science.

Please consider Roger Berke for any needed parts.
I remember you and Roger showing us a disassembled burner in Spearfish .
I'll try and call you tomorrow but it's Sunday so it might be better to call you Monday morning.
Hopefully it's something that can wait a couple months until we get back to our winter spot in Louisiana. If so then I can get the parts (from Roger) and do my yearly maintenance at the same time.
Talk to you soon. Thanks.
Morning All,

Just to follow up, Forest called this morning. He checked the mounting of the burner -- snug in its place so that is okay.

Ask about smoke when running -- still running smoke free. Ask about high whine of motor when running and that seemed to be the same -- so motor okay and bearings not slowing it down so they are okay.

Started the burner and immediately heard a squealing sound. Forest concurred it sure seemed like a metallic sound. After a quick consult with Roger Berke, it is the fuel pump.

This sound is concerning but is normally not a cause of immediate concern and may run this way for a long while. But still not the normal sound.

So Forest stated he is ordering a fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel nozzle, and hi-temp grease for the fuel pump gears from Roger and will replace this fall when he performs his annual maintenance.

Please be aware that Roger offers an inexpensive burner check-out service (plus parts, if any). So for those that wish some expert help on the road, you can ship the burner and control unit (silver brain box mounted on side of burner) to Roger. He will give it a thorough check-out, replace any needed parts and ship it back to you good as new straight away. roger.berke at if you want to contact Roger.

I have received a a call or two since Spearfish asking a question. It is another way of keeping in touch that I enjoy so call if you have the need or will be in the Houston area.

All the best.
thank you rudy,