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Aquahot puzzle - Yachts - 01-09-2018

2 months ago the shower would not get hot only Luke warm and would not change temp. Everyone said it was the cartridge. Newell installed a new one. It got hot scalding hot and would not cool down. At newell now they removed reinstalled and now it’s back to Luke warm won’t change temp and the other faucets are not hot. Newell is stumped.. any ideas

Btw aquahot is working perfect for the bays and heater..

RE: Aquahot puzzle - Trainer - 01-10-2018

Under the burner is the tempering valve. It is a brass valve with a black knob. Remove the burner. Use pliers to gently rock the black knob back and forth till it is broken loose. Move the knob all the way one way and all the way the other way three times. Return the knob to the starting point.

Install the burner and heat the coolant up. Turn the sink hot water facuet on and check temp. If cool reach under burner and turn top of knob toward the tank. If too hot, turn top of knob away from the tank.

If that does not work, replace the guts with the innards of a new valve. Loosen the nut that holds the valve in place and remove valve. Insert new valve and tighten nut. No need to solder a new valve body.

These are Watt valves and can be ordered from Grainger.

This solves temp not getting hot enough. Does not address water being to hot and then to cool. So check at sink that does not have a cartridge like the shower does.

RE: Aquahot puzzle - Yachts - 01-10-2018

Is that the mixing valve Rudy?

RE: Aquahot puzzle - Yachts - 01-10-2018

Rudy, I did as you suggested and found that when to turn the valve all the way towards the tank I get the hot water but not much change I’m thinking the valve is bad as you suggested?

RE: Aquahot puzzle - rheavn - 01-10-2018

Here are the parts you need.

Newell has lost so much experience over the last few years, they are stumped on a repair that should have been simple.