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New to Forum cknuth - cknuth - 01-12-2018

Hello - what an excellent site! Access to this community has helped to solidify my choice of Newell.

I'm currently having 1999 #515 inspected prior to purchase. Looks very good, but the tires are 2005/2006. No 365 modification has been done. What brand of tires would I prefer to put on this coach, assuming I don't do the front tire upgrade right away?

RE: New to Forum cknuth - Richard - 01-12-2018

Welcome aboard. You might want to investigate the fmca advantage program with Michelin

RE: New to Forum cknuth - kyleb - 01-12-2018

I believe you will be happier if you get a load range higher than you need according to axle weight. The extra load capacity will provide extra insurance against blowouts & other tire failures.

RE: New to Forum cknuth - Chester Stone - 01-14-2018

Chuck, if you have ever had a front tire blowout on a motorhome, you would not put 315s on the front, even new ones. If you search this forum, you will find that maintaining 130 psi is essential and reduced speed recommended by Newell. To me it is like not having insurance, you may get by with it, but again you may not. As to tire brands, I will only run Michelins which can be purchased through their Advantage program. These are my opinions and other may not agree.

RE: New to Forum cknuth - cknuth - 01-16-2018

Chester, I appreciate your insight - you've persuaded me to do the 365 change now, since the coach needs tires anyhow. I've also learned that only the fronts are currently 315s, with the drivers and tag being 11R24.5. Which Michelin is best for the 24.5 tires? X® LINE™ ENERGY Z or XZE 2™ or something else?
Thanks to all for your input. Haven't made a decision to buy yet pending fluid analysis.

RE: New to Forum cknuth - rheavn - 01-16-2018

Just so happens I purchased some Michelin tires today.  The X Line Energy tire has replaced the XZE 2 series that I was using. There are some XZE 2 tires out there though. My new ones had late 2017 dates.