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Blower Motor - ryno - 03-12-2018

It looks like our dash blower motor was taken out by a broken piece of the plastic surround. Newell is telling the shop I have working on this that it has been discontinued with no replacement.  Has anyone else ran into this? Any suggestions?

It's on Coach #733

RE: Blower Motor - Richard - 03-12-2018

Evans Tempcon may be able to help

RE: Blower Motor - Rongripon - 03-12-2018

I looks like it's either 3/16 or 1/4. I would find some plexiglass and make a copy of the flange and see if it would work. I've done that on some dash pieces and so far I've been lucky.

RE: Blower Motor - ccjohnson - 03-12-2018

Maybe JB Weld a piece of plexiglass to to remaining flange. JB Weld the the split on the left really good, maybe add a paper clip to the patch for a little more strength. Make sure that the new motor sits square in the flange after you have repaired it. May have to add some adjusting nuts or spacer washers to the studs on the motor. Another option is to have a new one cut out from steel sheet by a shop that has a programmable plasma cutter.

RE: Blower Motor - 77newell - 03-12-2018

Let's see; a motor designed in Germany, made in Mexico, and sold in the USA. What an amazing world we live in.

I've had some luck with literally stitching stuff like this back together using .020 stainless wire and a tiny drill and then doing the kind of thing the others have mentioned. The stitching is tedious but it frequently works for me. Yeah, and I usually leave a little blood behind to let those in the future know I was there.

RE: Blower Motor - encantotom - 03-12-2018

i would use plastaid and try building it back up. perhaps reinforcing it with thin metal. i dont see that it would be a real big problem to fix that plastic mount.


RE: Blower Motor - ryno - 03-12-2018

Thanks for all the great ideas.