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Pocket doors - Joe Galowitch - 03-12-2018

the pocket doors on our coach 469 slide back and forth when running down the road. Is there anything to do with this or do I need to strap them when traveling?

RE: Pocket doors - folivier - 03-12-2018

Are these the double door or single air operated door?
Do they operate properly when not traveling?
Above the door there is a panel which hides the air ram and there should be an adjustment on or next to it. You may have to try adjusting it. I think these are dual action air rams, meaning it uses air in either direction to open or close the door.

RE: Pocket doors - Land Yacht - 03-12-2018

My rear bathroom air door will slide closed when driving if I dont secure it. Either Newell or previous owners added a sliding latch at the top to stop any sliding while traveling. I have often wondered if just closing the door(s) would not only stop any door movement, but also might offer a quieter ride. I just checked and my door in the closed position can’t be pushed open by hand, like it can be pushed closed, when open. Otherwise, my doors seem to operate fine.

Does anyone close their pocket doors while traveling? Is there a reason the doors should not be closed when traveling?

RE: Pocket doors - encantotom - 03-12-2018

my two pocket doors are firm in either direction

is there a regulator somewhere specifically for the pocket doors?


RE: Pocket doors - folivier - 03-12-2018

In my 1998 in the toilet room at the front there was a panel at the ceiling you could remove to access the air ram and regulator. At least I think that's how I remember it. Cindy was concerned about getting stuck in the bedroom so I kept a screwdriver and small crescent wrench to release the air pressure if the door wouldn't open. I think there is a muffler or restrictor there also that you might be able to adjust the door pressure.

RE: Pocket doors - ccjohnson - 03-13-2018

Based on Tom's input it sounds like there might be an air leak on the "open" side. It bleeds off pressure when door is open allowing it to be operated manually in both directions.

RE: Pocket doors - Richard - 03-13-2018

The doors should NOT move freely in either direction.

The cylinder that moves the door is a double acting piston, meaning it needs pressure to move it in either direction. The electrical switch activates a pneumatic valve assembly that pressurizes the cylinder on one side to make it move in one direction, and when the switch is released that pressure should hold. Pressing the switch to move the door to the other side then pressurizes the opposite side of the piston AND releases the air that was originally holding the piston.

All of that background explanation to get to what is wrong.

In the simplest scenario the air line from the pneumatic valve to the cylinder is leaking.
The second scenario is the piston itself is leaking. If the door moves freely in either direction, a leaking piston is a likely culprit.
The third, and most likely scenario is the spool in the pneumatic actuator is worn out, allowing the air that is supposed to hold the door to leak out from the actuator. Tightening or adjusting the little brass exhaust valve regulators on the pneumatic valve is not the fix. Replacing the pneumatic actuator is the fix. You will have to get the number off it to order a new one. Newell used different ones in different years. When specing out a new one, it will be double acting center hold.

RE: Pocket doors - Land Yacht - 03-13-2018

Maybe we can talk about this at Bella Terra. Mine looks like a chore to even get to the mechanics.