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#1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - Latitude 28 - 02-22-2019

Our #1 slide (driver side) has been deploying and retracting with no issues.  Today, the slide operated as normal, retracting until about 4" from stowed position.  There seem to be a hard stop in the front part as it stopped with some movement continuing in the aft portion of the slide....till I released the switch.  I did not continue with the retract mode as I did not want to rip something out of position.  The slide in that position seemed to be skewed in the coach opening as the gap in the back was very tight and the front gap was rather large.  We moved the coach around thinking there could be some racking that was giving us a problem....with no help.  This really seems like a mechanical obstruction....has any one seen this in their coach before?


RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - ron skeen - 02-22-2019


Check to see if anything got caught on in the slide wall. My slides are Valid and I assume your are? Can you reverse the operation and see if anything is loose? 


RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - bikestuff - 02-22-2019

From the coach number, I guess HWH slides.

RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - Latitude 28 - 02-22-2019

Bill is correct, we have the HWH slides.  Checked the exterior of the slide with no apparent issues.  Have not checked the top but will in the AM.  The slide will reverse and complete the extend cycle,  Upon retracting the same thing happens at the same spot in the retract cycle.  


RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - ron skeen - 02-22-2019


Extend the slide and have your wife retract and you take a light and see if you can see what causing the stop-age. You could have a piece of trim that has come loose and is the cause. Dose any of the molding show any miss alinement? Look on the inside on the coach for any object or obstructions causing the storage.


RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - Latitude 28 - 02-22-2019

Will check it out tomorrow and report back. 

Interesting note, this just popped up with no prior warning or abnormal could be an obstruction.

RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - encantotom - 02-22-2019


as you likely know there are two slide rams for the front salon slide. each one about a foot or more from each end.

it is more probable that you have an obstruction than it is that you have a faulty cylinder.

when the floor goes down, it has to go all the way down for the slide to completely come in i believe. so make sure you didnt drop anything down the opening when the floor goes down. with the slide 4 inches out yet, the floor should still be down. or extend the slide some more and look inside the floor opening before the floor goes back up when you are fully extended.

the slide cylinders attach in locations you can view to see if anything is obstructing the ram. the rear cylinder attaches in the bay next to the entrance door in the ceiling of the bay to the left of the door. you can take the foam ceiling down and look in there with a flashlight.

the other ram attaches in the front passenger side front wheelwell. you can see a rectangular plate above the tire on the top of the wheelwell. you would have to have the coach fully raised up to do it and be careful you dont get squished.

there is one other thing that could hang it up possibly. there is a limit switch on a piece of angle iron in the bay in the middle of the slide on the drivers side in the ceiling. it prevents the slide from coming out when you change a slide seal and it somehow could have gotten hung on it. doesnt make sense but something to look at. it is in the ceiling of that bay under the insulation. you can also see a bit of the slide rams and floor from there as well.

my bet would be on something that dropped and got jammed in the moving floor piece from the inside.

you can always call the 24hr help line of newell as well.

lets hope it is something simple


RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - Richard - 02-23-2019

I agree something is jammed in the works.

If I didn't see anything obvious from the first inspection, I would pull the ceiling out of the basement so I could see the mechanisms. Also, look in the cavity where the drop down floor sides into.

RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - Latitude 28 - 02-23-2019

Tom & Richard,

Thanks, for the wisdom and locations to go after of some likely culprits.  I should get some time this weekend to inspect those points of interest. 

I did find some shaved HDPM on a few proud flush rivets that attach the skid plate on the slide tube bottom.  Polished those areas with no change in the problem.  At least the issue is consistent and should be glaring when we find it.  

If I don't see anything at least I will have items to check off when talking with Newell on Monday.


RE: #1 Slide Stops 4" short of closing - Latitude 28 - 02-24-2019

Had a chance to take a look a few things.  The floor appears to be clear of obstructions and dropping evenly.  Pulled a few pieces of L1 & R1 bay ceiling insulation down......nothing jumps out at me when looking around in there the best I could.  Removed the panel in the passenger side wheel well to view the actuator attach point and surrounding area with no glaring issues.  With this in mind I will call Newell in the morning for their input.