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Why my coach did not start - bikestuff - 06-12-2019


On the way back home from the most recent dog show my coach would not crank.  Turn the key to accessory and then on to start and nothing.   I have new batteries and battery voltage was fine.  I went to rear of the coach and used the rear start switch and engine fired up fine.  I made it home using the remote switch.  

I started troubleshooting when I realized that the transmission controller did not light up when the switch was in “accessory”.   I tried putting a new relay in the DDEC IGN ST position.  No change.  Newell suggested looking at the wiring behind the ignition switch.  It looked fine.

Looking at the diagram on the 12V distribution panel under the dash, I realized that there was a second Ignition relay....   “IGN ST”

Pulling that relay, I realized that the “load” pair of blades were darker and looked like they had been hot.  I replaced the relay and everything works. (The cracked case was me taking it apart to see if there was anything interesting on the inside)

Lesson’s learned...
1.  On my coach, there are at least two relays that turn on with the key.  If you turn the key and all the dash lights don’t light might want to look at those relays.
2.  If your dash lights up and you still don’t start, look at this thread. Coach wont start thread.  Newer coaches have a starter relay that is similar (but different) from the merge solenoid.  Here is where I got mine.  Cole Hersee starter relay  
3.  What is that ST and DT stuff on the diagram?  Well is Single Throw (ST) and Double Throw (DT).  Do yourself a favor and have a couple of each one as a spare.  They are available at the parts store, but those may not be high quality.
4.  Depending on your coach, the transmission may get confused and not think it was in neutral and prevent the start.  See this Thread

Thanks to The Gurus, @Richard , and Newell Service for their help!